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Two in one


RequirementONE is both a data platform that offers real-time access to global regulatory developments and a collaborative platform enabling the digitalisation of your processes and activities. It serves as a single point of contact for engaging with internal and external stakeholders.

Regulatory impact

The data platform continuously monitors websites of regulators, industry bodies, and standards organizations worldwide, ensuring timely identification of new updates, regardless of language.

Publications from various sources, such as web pages, Word documents, Excel sheets, and PDFs, are transformed into a standardised format.

The content is stored in a comprehensive data lake, enabling users and systems to subscribe to real-time updates or extract valuable insights for automation and analysis.

Many companies encounter significant challenges in systematically collecting regulatory updates from multiple sources in a timely manner, resulting in a daunting and error-prone process.

These are the challenges that RequirementONE have solved.

Saving you up to 80% in cost and effort.

Digitalise your collaboration

“When questioned, 86% of companies blame lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures, yet 90% of the same companies manage collaboration with manual processes, documents, and shared drives.”

Digitalisation of business collaboration often rests on organising and managing structured information.

This effort is supercharged by using workflow automation and artificial intelligence, with instant management reporting.

Our collaborative platform enables you to build your own apps which gives you a way to:

  • Organise information systematically – in one location
  • Track responsibilities for users and teams
  • Real-time status of your collaborative efforts
  • Full change history of all changes
  • Workflow enable your processes and activities

Easily learn via an intuitive user interface, strong documentation and user training.

Giving you back 20-50% of your time for higher value tasks.

Automation of manual tasks

RequirementONE has an extensive suite of robotic process automations (RPA) or workflows that automate standard manual tasks.

Benefit from time savings by implementing these across your processes, freeing the team to spend time on value added activities.

Integrate existing systems

Integrations are part of the RequirementONE DNA.

With many integrations available either directly from the platform, via a bridge, or via our API depending on your needs, you can easily move information between systems and people.

Reporting your way

Get instant access to any data held within RequirementONE via your companies’ standard reporting tool.

Because we use whatever tool your company have standardised on, there is no steep learning curve, and no limit to the number or type of reports you can create.

Create reports once, and refresh on a schedule or at the touch of a button.

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