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Business Collaboration Transformed

How RequirementONE converted 10 disparate applications into a cohesive digital ecosystem in just 10 weeks


A mid-size international organisation seeking to consolidate and digitise their fragmented application landscape.


Complex, siloed, internally developed applications were hindering operational efficiency, wasting time and money.


RequirementONE rapidly configured and digitised ten key legacy business applications into a modern cohesive digital ecosystem.


The organisation was encumbered by a patchwork of internally developed legacy applications and spreadsheets, each operating in isolation.

This siloed approach led to significant inefficiencies, data inconsistencies, and communication barriers across departments.

The challenge was not just technological but also cultural, requiring a shift from fragmented processes to a unified digital strategy.

The need for a platform that could power these disparate systems while ensuring scalability, user-friendliness, and data integrity was paramount.


The organisation sought a solution that was scalable, user-friendly, and capable of supporting multiple applications without significant downtime.

RequirementONE’s reputation for easy-to-use technology, along with its robust support and training, made them a standout choice.


The digitisation of ten applications in ten weeks led to remarkable improvements in efficiency, data consistency, and inter-departmental communication.

The unified platform facilitated better decision-making, reduced manual errors, and enhanced overall operational agility.

The project delivered a significant return on investment, both in terms of time saved and increased productivity within three months.

Customer Experience

Collaborating with RequirementONE was a game-changer.

Their team’s expertise in digital integration, coupled with their commitment to understanding our unique needs, made the transition smooth, effective and the configurability makes our new solution future proof.

RequirementONE’s solution was a perfect fit. It’s not just a platform; it’s a digital revolution.

- Chief Technology Officer

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