Business apps designed for the consumer in all of us


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A common complaint of employees is that business tools are too difficult and complex to use. So, to address this issue, RequirementONE has developed a unique platform that provides a suite of solutions delivered as business applications.

RequirementONE apps

The RequirementONE platform empowers you to address a range of compliance lifecycle needs by providing the self-service tools to obtain and manage both actionable regulatory intelligence and related outcomes such as policies, procedures and action plans in one centralized place for everyone in your company to access, share and update in real-time.


R1 Scanner

Monitor regulatory developments


R1 Compliance

Manage policies, procedures, controls and risks


R1 Change

Plan and manage change


R1 Requirements

Manage business and technical requirements


R1 Tracker

Track and manage communications

R1 Publisher

Share news and regulatory intelligence

Community-powered Business Apps

We have also built a marketplace of apps that support your day to day needs.  These apps have been developed by us, by our customers, and by our eco-system of partners that are used to enhance and support the core platform capabilities


A set of pre-defined expert templates to help get you started and accelerate your time to market

Feeds and Sources

Add more content to your real-time stream of information by selecting new feeds and streams

Workflow accelerators

A variety of accelerators including language translation, process automation and notifications

Premium Services

A range of services ranging from Implementation, regulatory consultancy and legal advice