Reduce compliance management costs costs by 25%.



The BIG problem

Despite spending millions on a plethora of legacy technologies, compliance teams continue to struggle with having actionable insight because the underlying data and related documents that fuel decisions is difficult to access, share and govern.

The cost of the problem

The proliferation of disconnected systems, outdated tools and manual processes used by compliance professionals has caused extreme complexity and skyrocketing costs (up to 7% of total operating costs on compliance alone!) that aren’t financially sustainable for companies struggling under the weight of increasing scrutiny from regulators and other key stakeholders.

The solution

RequirementONE has developed a smart data platform that significantly reduces the cost and complexity of compliance management. Designed to automatically aggregate, connect and distribute actionable regulatory intelligence and related documents including policies and procedures throughout the compliance lifecycle, the R1 platform digitally transforms your risk and compliance capabilities overnight.

Our approach

RequirementONE radically transforms how compliance professionals view, interact with and mitigate non-financial risks.
Designed for the business consumer, our platform automatically aggregates, organizes and connects regulatory intelligence, related documents and contextual information to support and govern decisions at each stage of the compliance lifecycle.
While others develop complex technologies, we stream business insights that you access and manage using business apps. This new world of simplified compliance is made possible by the development of an advanced AI-powered Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine which sits at the core of the RequirementONE platform.

RequirementONE platform business value

Obtain 150% return on investment in the first year
Ensure 100% traceability between related documents
Lower or maintain compliance costs at 4% of revenue
Automate 24% of error prone manual processes
Increase collaboration and employee productivity by 200%
Improve business intelligence visibility by 328%

RequirementONE data transformation engine

  • Extraction
  • Transformation
  • Enrichment
  • Delivery
  • Consumption

Regulatory Intelligence

R1 Scanner continuously monitors thousands of customer-requested regulatory sources from around the world and automatically digests these into the RequirementONE platform for transformation

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