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The BIG problem

Since Greek times, we have known that “change is the only constant in life.” This is certainly true in compliance and project management, where new regulations, clarifications to existing regulations, new requirements or modifications to existing requirements are a daily occurrence. How do you effectively manage these changes, though? What are the impacts to other systems, teams and geographies?

The cost of the problem

Missing or not implementing a regulatory change correctly has significant financial and reputational risk. To mitigate these non-financial risks, firms spent 4% of total revenue on compliance in 2017, an amount that is expected to rise to 10% by 2022, according to Duff and Phelps. Not understanding the impact of a system change can cause a business to suffer financial and reputational damage - and 70% of all change projects fail.

The solution

R1 Change significantly reduces the time to identify potential impact and collaboratively manage all  interdependent changes. Unlike traditional products, our solution allows you to capture and manage all changes in one place while keeping all stakeholders fully informed.

R1 Change business value


Increase project efficiency by up to 200%
Ensure 100% traceability between related documents
Reduce review and approve cycle times by 50%
100% visibility of the full change lifecycle
Track 100% of the change SLA

Powerful capabilities

Change management console

Achieve single source of truth for all changes made across your organization.

Automate common tasks

Manage change meetings, change reviews and approvals by individuals or teams.

Total change history

Comprehensively curate, share and manage change in real-time with colleagues.

Collaborative work bench

Work across teams and functions to seamlessly deliver change using a suite of integrated tools.

Smart collaboration

Improve efficiencies and auditability by standardising and automating change actions, information and alerts

360-degrees data analytics

Comprehensive dashboard and drill-down reports for real-time progress across entire compliance lifecycle.

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