Increase collaboration and productivity by 200%

The BIG problem

The experts in the business are in demand and their time costs money. Their advice is typically captured in emails (if at all) and is not easily reusable. To trace the full history of a decision is difficult and time consuming.

The cost of the problem

In a regulated environment, the trail from question to decision and action needs to be documented and retained, so that if there are any enquires these can be fully answered. If they cannot be, the company faces fines and reputational risk.

The solution

R1 Tracker empowers you and your colleagues to collaboratively plan, document, govern, search and report on all questions, interactions and decisions using a single, easy-to-use interface. The days of manually going through hundreds of emails to find what you seek are gone, saving you time and money in knowledge management.

R1 Tracker business value

Proactively manage 100% requests

Increase collaboration and employee productivity by 200%

Reduce review and approve cycle times by 50%

Track 100% of meeting actions

Track 100% of business decisions

Powerful Capabilities

Q & A Knowledge Engine

Easily find answers to questions from database of constantly updated knowledge requests from across your organization.

Intelligent routing of questions

Automatically assign questions to best colleagues for comprehensive response.

Meeting management

Manage, schedule, minute and action meetings with stakeholders.

Total audit trail

Comprehensively curate, share and manage knowledge in real-time.

Knowledge governance

View and maintain complete visibility of knowledge processes and obligations.

360-degrees data analytics

Comprehensive dashboard and drill-down reports for real-time progress across entire compliance lifecycle.