Simply eliminate 80% of horizon scanning costs

The BIG problem

Staying up to date with the sheer volume of regulatory information published every day is a challenge for organizations that have teams of individuals who manually monitor hundreds of laws. Even when the regulation is identified, the time it takes to ensure it’s properly read, understood and actioned with colleagues can take days, sometimes weeks.

The cost of the problem

Unfortunately, the cost of obtaining regulatory intelligence is too high, especially when multiple jurisdictions are involved.

According to joint research published by IFAC-OECD, financial services firms spend 5-10% of turnover on monitoring and managing regulations. This isn't sustainable!

The solution

R1 Scanner significantly reduces the cost, complexity and time of keeping you and your colleagues proactively informed of global, national and local regulations around the world, as changes and updates take place, in real-time, without delay.

By leveraging the power of end-to-end automation, you’re now able to connect your data, your people and all lines of defense on a single collaborative platform that will modernize and future proof your information requirements. Simply log in, search and find all the information you’ll ever need on any regulation, speech or brief. It’s that simple.

R1 Scanner business value

R1 Scanner

Eliminate horizon scanning costs by 80%

Obtain 100% visibility of selected regulations

Lower time to insight by 80% using live data

Reduce total regulatory incidents by 50%

Make 100% of regulatory intelligence actionable

Powerful Capabilities

Horizon scanning

Automatically scan, view and action on-demand all regulatory changes applicable to your entire organization, from hundreds of regulators around the world.

AI-assisted tagging and linking

Connect new regulatory updates to existing eco-system of data and information for complete visibility and monitoring.

Data Enrichment

Augmented intelligence based on content or internal taxonomy

Search, find and alert

Search user-defined eco-system of constantly updated and relevant regulations linked to internal and external contextual information.

360-degrees data analytics

Comprehensive dashboard and drill-down reports for real-time progress across entire compliance lifecycle.

Smart collaboration

Improve efficiencies and auditability by standardizing and automating compliance actions, information and alerts to colleagues across borders and functions.