Increase project efficiency by up to 200%

The BIG problem

Before you start a project, you need to capture the requirements. Most project teams create documents to store their requirements, but this has some limitations such as keeping the requirements current, communicating the changes, storing related information, linking requirements, tracking and managing concurrent requirement sets, requirement re-use, collaboration across geographies (or teams!) and dealing with requirements that have been rejected.

The cost of the problem

70% of all companies have suffered at least one project failure in the past 12 months, according to KPMG, while 39% of all projects fail due to poor definition of requirements. For many, these failures are costly, resulting poor employee productivity and lost revenue opportunities.

The solution

R1 Requirements centralizes, unifies and gives end-to-end traceability for user needs, detailed requirements for implementation and acceptance, while remaining methodology agnostic. This allows project teams to confidently track and monitor the status of all requirements and changes to those requirements throughout the project lifecycle.

R1 Requirements business value

Increase project efficiency by up to 200%

Reduce rework and bugs by 80%

Improve internal communication by 120%

Obtain 100% visibility of project status

Reduce review and approve cycle times by 50%

Powerful Capabilities

Single Source

Centralize all requirements, change history, linked requirements and related information by importing existing requirements and updating new ones.

Automated Review and Approve cycles

Let the system organize and remind reviewers and approvers.

Silo buster

Manage multiple work streams across teams and geographies and re-use requirements across different projects.

Intelligent workflows

Automate manual tasks including assignment, reminders, notifications, escalations and warnings.

Methodology agnostic

Use your favourite methodology such as Waterfall, Agile or PRINCE 2.

Full reporting

Always know and monitor current status of all projects, past, present and future.