100% document governance

The BIG problem

Reliably publishing documents consistently is hard.

ou have a document that needs to be read by members of your internal team, or by customers. How to best publish it? How do you know if they have read it? Can you prove they have? What if you need to update it?

Publishing documents is a challenge for most organizations, who either have regulatory requirements, marketing needs or internal processes that need to be met. Even when the document and audience are identified, the time it takes to ensure it is properly drafted, formatted, reviewed and approved can take days, sometimes weeks. Once it is published, can you measure its reach?

The cost of the problem

The inability to show that a document was published in a timely manner to a specific audience, and that it was read, can lead to audit failures, fines and reputational risk. Even if you manage to avoid these, the costs associated with creating, reviewing and approving the document can range from hundreds to tens of thousands.

The solution

R1 Publisher uniquely enables you to collaboratively develop and distribute regulatory and market intelligence within your organization, reducing time to publish by 150%. Our solution uniquely provides your entire organization the ability to collaboratively share and manage actionable regulatory intelligence.

R1 Publisher business value

Increase collaboration and employee productivity by 200%

Publish 100% of selected documents and articles

Reduce review and approve cycle times by over 50%

Ensure 100% awareness of new compliance initiatives

Obtain 100% transparency of policies and procedures

Powerful Capabilities

Collaborative authoring

Work together to create and publish articles, newsletters and web pages

Automated review and approve cycles

Let the system organize and remind reviewers and approvers.

Standardized templates

Choose one of our pre-defined templates to kick start your publishing needs

One-click publishing to the format of your choice

Stress free publishing at the touch of a button

360-degrees data analytics

Comprehensive dashboard and drill-down reports for real-time progress across entire compliance lifecycle.

Automated depreciation dates

Choose when the information is no longer relevant explicitly or through workflow and let RequirementONE take care of it