RequirementONE's Commitment to Quality

Last Modified: 23 April 2020

The company recognises that its commercial position is dependent on meeting customer, statutory and regulatory requirements.

To demonstrate, to both customers and staff, the company's commitment to quality it is the policy of RequirementONE to achieve and maintain a quality management system to conform to the requirements of the British Standards BS EN ISO 9001:2000.

The CEO and senior managers of the company are committed to ensuring that the system is effective in achieving all customer requirements as a minimum.

The requirements of the quality management system are mandatory for all company personnel and no unauthorised alterations or deviations are permitted.

Company objectives will be set, measured and reported. These shall include:

  • Customer Perception
  • Development Performance
  • Sales Performance
  • Supplier Performance
  • Service Performance
  • Warranty Claims

The only way to achieve and maintain this policy is for every employee, in whatever capacity, to consistently perform their work to the highest standards.

Questions or Additional Information:

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