Rationalize Compliance with RequirementONE – Case Study

13 November 2017
David Levy, Marketing Manager David Levy, Marketing Manager

IT regulatory compliance

If you are still using Word documents or Excel spreadsheets to manage regulatory compliance you are opening the process up to significant risk in terms of errors and version control problems.

The CIO of Validus Holdings came to RequirementONE with the goal of making their IT compliance more efficient, in terms of maintaining policies aligned with compliance framework articles and controls, while at the same time enabling easy, real-time internal and external audits with full traceability.

Validus is a global, publicly-traded (NYSE) company that offers a broad range of innovative insurance and reinsurance products. They needed a centralized, access controlled environment for storing compliance controls and policies mapped to industry frameworks.

Using RequirementONE yielded significant time and cost savings in compliance administration and data management, including:

  • Single location for policy development
  • Ability to manage complex regulatory requirements using industry frameworks such as NIST, COBIT
  • Ability to plan for audits
  • No version control issues due to spreadsheet or word document proliferation

Read our new case study on how RequirementONE became their primary platform to manage IT policies, and facilitate efficient auditing.

“My team is able to collaborate from around the world, avoid version control issues and manage change. Our auditors can then go to this single point of truth where we demonstrate compliance with multiple standards, mapped to industry standard frameworks. What a relief!” -- Mary Kotch, CIO Validus Holdings

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