Requirement reuse

What is requirement reuse?

Requirement reuse is the concept of taking requirements that have been written for previous projects and then using them for a new project.

You can in principle reuse different types of data ranging from business requirements, functional requirements to use cases and test cases.

The significance of reuse is put into perspective when you consider that for some projects such as an implementation of standard systems up to 80% of requirements are the same and only 20% will be customer specific.

Why should I be interested in requirement reuse?

If you have any experience with requirement reuse and are interested in sharing or monetizing your data to our community then please get in touch.

The reasons why you should reuse requirements in your next project are:

    1) Speed – it is faster to reuse then do the work from scratch

    2) Maturity – the requirements have already been verified and tested

    3) Risk – by reusing what has already worked you are reducing overall project risk

How can I start to reuse requirements?

In RequirementOne you can easily reuse existing requirements by simply selecting one or more requirements from an existing project and then copying them to a new project.

The copied requirements will retain a link to the original requirement for full traceability which is referred to as requirement reuse with heritage.

It is up to you how formal you want the requirement reuse to be. You can simply copy requirements from an existing project as illustrated above or you can dedicate a project to become a repository for all your standardized requirements, use cases and tests that can then be managed centrally for quality assurance purposes and from which new projects can derive their requirements.´

So what next? Well if you want to deliver projects more quickly and reduce the risks of failure then sign up for a 14 day trial of RequirementOne and see how easy it is to start reusing requirements.