Press release for RequirementOne 3.0 Launch

21 May 2012

Take control of your requirements with RequirementOne – integrated, flexible and affordable

RequirementOne offers 5 integrated Apps that will allow you to maximise the productivity and success of your projects; planning, specification, feedback, tenders and issues.

Our RequirementOne pricing model is unique - customers pay per project, per app with unlimited users. One of the constraints of other services is that they are charged per user – which means for large project teams licence fees can become prohibitively expensive very quickly.

Many project teams are currently forced to use a variety of different products for requirement gathering, tender management, project management and issue or defect tracking. Using these disparate systems introduces significant potential for errors and can prevent the project owner being able to get a holistic view of how the project is progressing.

To maximise efficiency in the running of requirements led projects RequirementOne enables our customers to share information seamlessly across the apps. This eradicates the rekeying of data – saving time and minimizing errors when compared to non integrated products.

To maxmise the uptake of new products they must be intuitive, fast and easy to use. The new RequirementOne release has been re-engineered to completely separate the user interface and functionality. A comprehensive API has been developed to run projects in a scalable cloud. The high performance user interface makes use of caching, script compression, templates, optimized graphics and utilizes reuse of data visualization - all of which means it runs super fast.

Why have we done this? Because recent research shows that 80-90% of the end user response time is at the frontend and we want to make our customers have the very best user experience possible – leaving them free to focus on delivering successful projects.

A recent market review in IEEE Computer Society Magazine showed that RequirementOne matched or outperformed many other enterprise products on the market. The breadth of functionality combined with project based pricing means that RequirementOne offers a compelling option for project teams of all sizes.

In addition RequirementOne is investing heavily in additional content to guide, support and inform people on the benefits of requirement management in delivering successful projects. The first of these is “Requirements Management Best Practice” in partnership with click here for details.

The planning App for project management is 100% free – irrespective of number of users – our commitment to helping everyone manage their projects better.

To find out how RequirementOne can revolutionize your projects take a free 14 day trial of all the apps and decide for yourself.