Who we are

Baringa Partners is an independent business and technology consultancy.

We help businesses run more effectively, reach new markets and navigate industry shifts. We use our industry insights, pragmatism and original thought to help each client transform their business. Collaboration runs through everything we do.

Collaboration is the essence of our strategy and culture. It means the brightest and the best enjoy working here.

Baringa. Brighter Together.

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Financial services

Baringa’s financial services consultants partner with clients across the banking, insurance, capital markets and wealth and asset management sectors. Our expertise is developed through a deep understanding of regulation, sector trends, and the accompanying challenges within the evolving environment in which our clients operate.



Business Software

Our cloud-based platform leads to better collaboration and reduced risk of project delays and cost over-runs, with consistent and rapid deployment of best practices.


Who does RequirementONE work with?

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    Rationalize Compliance with RequirementONE – Case Study

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    Implement the NIST Cybersecurity Framework with RequirementONE

Rationalize Compliance with RequirementONE

If you are still using Word documents or Excel spreadsheets to manage regulatory compliance you are opening the process up to significant risk in terms of errors and version control problems.