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Using Jira and RequirementOne for requirement management

Andy Heath
WRITTEN BY Andy Heath - 26 February 2013

Teams use JIRA to capture and organize issues, work through action items, and stay up-to-date with team activity. Every software project has a backlog of bugs, issues and defects – 1000s of tech teams around the world use Jira to track this and it is very effective!

But where are the requirements?

Bugs and issues arise because the original requirement has not been delivered successfully. Because either

a) What was produced did not meet the requirement


b) There is an issue with the code that means it does not work.

Jira does not do requirement management. Some development teams use Confluence to track and revise requirements using a wiki page. Whilst this at least ensures there is a central repository for requirements it is not going to give a developer the full benefit of a dedicated requirement management tool.

For a developer to resolve an issue they need access to the original requirement, the iterations and change history of it and how it is interlinked within the project to the other requirements. Only with this information to hand can they deliver a successful resolution to the bug or issue. A wiki does not offer this functionality.

So how can we help a development team to produce better work and save time?

Our Jira integration is a bi-directional live link communicating through the RequirementOne and Jira APIs. This means that whether you are in Jira or RequirementOne you have full access to the requirements from within Jira or access to the issues if you are in RequirementOne.

The integration is free to use and takes a few minutes to set up per project in the configuration screen.

Sounds great tell me more!

The official integration has now been released. Please click here to read the details about how to get started.

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